Why Coworking is Important

Written by Luis Marquez

About a year into my first job after graduating from college, I hit a wall of creative fatigue. I was spending major time around people who didn’t inspire me and I felt like I didn’t fit into the culture. I was desperately yearning to find somewhere to work where I could find other people who wanted to make a change, funnel their energy towards their dreams, and were open to collaborate. After clarifying what it was that I wanted, rather than finding it, it found me in the form of an invitation. My friends took me out to an all-ages community event called “First Fridays at Toolbox LA”. It was my first exposure to a coworking space and my jaw

just dropped! I was blown away at the thought that something like a coworking space existed and was so easily accessible.

The element that struck me the hardest was the community there and the cross-pollination that was taking place between artists, community leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs, and builders. After seeing this, my spirit was reignited, and I knew I had to

work there. However, rather than signing up for a shared desk membership, I actually ended up working for the coworking space directly as a Community Associate which I think has granted me a deeper perspective of the value coworking spaces bring and the important needs they serve.

The coworking movement has been in a noticeable boom with ~20,000 coworking spaces worldwide and an estimated

$26 billion market value according to a financial forecast done by EmergentResearch/GCUC. This is a truly global movement where coworking has taken the world by storm and still has plenty of room to grow. With the advent of technology like smartphones, laptops, and the internet, building, and running a business can be accomplished just by using these tools.

And that means we can do our work from home, a cafe, the beach, or just about anywhere else in the world. These tools provide us with so much power and opportunity to live life on our own terms: how we want and where we want. 

With the invention of coworking, regardless of where you live or where you travel, you can have access to not only comfortable office space but one that compliment’s your lifestyle.

Take The Wing, for example, a coworking that's starting to spread internationally. The Wing hosts an all-female community of coworkers and offers specialized amenities such as areas to pump or beauty supplies. There’s countless other examples like Glitch City which serves the indie game dev community, The Hatchery Press for writers, or TechHub for people in the tech industry. Before coworking, you either had to rent an office for yourself or do everything from home,

and each are a double-edged sword.


  • Boundaries between your work and personal life become blurred so it becomes challenging to relax or be productive.
  • A sense of loneliness and isolation without supplemental social activities.
  • Less exposure to variety which negatively impacts creativity and idea generation.


  • Time spent finding, leasing, and furnishing adequate real estate options.
  • High overhead costs in the form of rent, supplies, services, insurance, and more.
  • Divided resources between building your company and maintaining the office.

Coworking combines the social aspect of working at a fun office with the feeling of freedom of working for yourself, all while keeping costs to a minimum.

When you work at a coworking space and you put in the effort, you experience this sense of community. You meet all these incredible people with their own set of aspirations and goals. You get excited to have lunch together, exchange ideas, or offer

your help. You have people to share your journey of success and be there for you in moments of vulnerability. Add educational events relevant to entrepreneurs and wellness activities and you’ve hit the jackpot.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you always have to be learning new skills in order to be effective and participate in competitive fluid markets. Thankfully any good coworking space gives people back their time by providing event programming relevant to their members. Events that will teach them productivity hacks, best business practices, or how to get more funding for your projects. There’s even another step further into the dimension of health and wellness. For our members, we offer yoga classes,

a meditation lounge, a VR gaming station, and host Wellness Wednesdays for everyone to chat about their weekly progress.

I could go on and talk about the coffee, the high-speed internet, the meeting rooms, and every other resource coworking spaces offer but I genuinely think that the community is the most rewarding thing it offers. You make friends, expand your

professional network, your perspective widens, you develop collaborators, or even meet investors excited about your work.

Coworking spaces offer the basics in the form of amenities but what they bring you is a new lifestyle. One where

you’re empowered, where you a part of a great community, and where the environment supports your growth and your health.

A space where you can finally get things done!


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