Remote Work Resource Guide

Written by Raychel Espiritu 

Working remotely isn't new. We saw the birth of remote working in the 1980's alongside the development of new technologies. It has, however, rapidly evolved in the past 5 years. As the Internet exploded with more cloud-based collaboration tools, more workers went online and some companies were built entirely around the remote work model.

Fast forward to 2020 and like most of the world, our team and coworking space members are Working From Home (WFH) these days. Some companies already had flex work policies in place and have not had any interruptions while others are struggling to catch up.

Either way, this is the new norm and remote work is here to stay.

A few quick tips to stay productive while working remotely:

  • Have a morning routine in place before you start working 
  • Set boundaries (when you’re working, you’re *really* working)
  • Take regular breaks and go outside when you can
  • Disconnect for a few hours a day
  • Use time management apps to review your productivity and pinpoint activities that are distracting you.

Below you will find various links to resources for remote work, as well as tools that are useful for collaboration and communication. The Remote Work Manifesto is a great place to start and I suggest checking out The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work by Zapier has an extensive collection of resources for remote managers, employees, and workspaces.


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