Written by Shelby Sinsay

As more people are taking co-working into consideration, the pursuit of finding a great co-working space is very popular.

Here at Toolbox LA we offer an enticing design and a very friendly and welcoming environment for a diverse community of builders, artists, scientists, and entrepreneurs.

This week’s spotlight is for one of our members who loves to get out of her comfort zone and produce a mutually valued outcome which makes it perfect for her to be here working at Toolbox LA. Kristina Zlatanov the founder of a company called the small ego. Why “the small ego” you may ask? Well because they believe that it is possible to do big things whilst keeping the ego small, that there is room for all of us to win. Kristina thrives here at Toolbox LA because of her generosity to share what she has learned and collaborate when there is an opportunity.

What’s your name?

Kristina Zlatanov

Which is more your vibe?

Calm & Centered

Growing up, what did you think you wanted to be?

Fashion Designer

What makes the fire in your belly burn / what motivates you?

Getting out of my comfort zone, creating art, spending time in nature, collaboration/ co-creating, being present!

What’s your favorite get sh*t done quote?

"Done is better than perfect." 100%!

What brings you to Toolbox LA?

Growing my company

Your company/startup/project's name?

the small ego

Tell us more. What problem are you solving?

 I am here to build the momentum I need in consistently growing my business.

What's your website?

Community is important to me.


What else should the Toolbox LA community know about you?

I believe we as humans work best together. I am happy to share tips and tricks I have learned along the way as well as gain knowledge from those around me, no matter what differing fields we may be in.


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