Melissa Maribel

Written by Shelby Sinsay

Interactive environments like Toolbox help promote the experience of innovative ideas and new dynamics. Collaborating and working here can lead to a lot of inspiration because of all the different industries that our members are apart of.

Our member spotlight is Melissa Maribel. She makes colorful tutorials on YouTube and also created ebooks and flashcards about Chemistry and Organic Chemistry to engage high school and college students so they can pass their class and not fear learning. She is always available to discuss and help out with anything related to those topics which makes her a great member to have here at Toolbox LA.

What's your name?

Melissa Maribel

Which is more your vibe?

Calm & Centered

What makes the fire in your belly burn / what motivates you?

Teaching creatively through my Chemistry YouTube tutorials so that students can not only continue in the sciences but can begin to associate learning with growth rather than difficulty and boredom.

What’s your favorite get sh*t done quote?

The secret to your success is found in your daily routine.

What brings you to Toolbox LA?

growing my company

Your company/startup/project's name?

Personal Brand Name: Melissa Maribel

Tell us more. What problem are you solving?

 I make colorful Chemistry and Organic Chemistry tutorials on YouTube in order to engage high school and college students so that they can pass their class and not fear learning. Besides my videos, I also sell ebooks, flashcards and other educational resources to help students stay organized and succeed in their classes.

What's your website?

What else should Toolbox LA community know about you?

I enjoy talking about education and YouTube. Learning how I can help more students is always on my mind and I love coming up with creative ideas for YouTube videos. If anyone would like to discuss anything related to these topics, feel free to say hi.


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