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Written by James Green 

I work a lot! It seems that if I’m not eating, sleeping, or doing homework with my kids, I’m working. I don’t say that as though it’s some badge of honor. The truth is most adults spend more time at work with people they aren’t related to than they do with the people they love most. It’s not a bad thing, just a fact of life. But if we’re going to spend the majority of our time at an office away from our loved ones, we should love what we do and where we do it.

Since I quit my job as CMO of PuppySpot.com, I have been working at various places all over Los Angeles. Some days I go back to my old offices and borrow a desk for the day, other days I go to the office of one of the investors for my new business, but most days I go to a space specifically designated for coworking. There are a handful of reasons I prefer working in a coworking space over working from home or going to a traditional office.

Community and Connection

Growing up, I moved a lot and as a result, changed schools frequently. I went to 8 schools between third grade and high-school graduation, which taught me how to make friends quickly. Most people are longing for a sense of belonging and want meaningful relationships. When you cowork, you look across the room and have a sense that all of the people here are striving to make their dreams come true. Co-Entrepreneurs. Co-Dreamers. Co-Workers. Co-Friends.

Environment and Inspiration

Having worked out of a few coworking spaces, it’s easy to see how hard this is to create but wow, my current coworking space at Toolbox LA has this down. It’s a new coworking space, but the space has energy, emotion, and beauty. The exposed ceilings show the grit of a building that has been reborn. While some of the art is a bit weird, it has a creativity and rawness that reflects back on the people who are equally weird, creative, and beautiful.

Flexibility and Variability

The part of my entrepreneurial soul that drives me to create a better service for transaction coordinators also seems to breed a restlessness that makes sitting at the same desk every day challenging. Coworking makes it easy to try a new desk every day or even multiple times during the day. I can move next to the window to remind myself what the outdoors look like (I told you I work a lot) or go to a secluded area to knock out 40-50 emails in an hour. However I’m feeling, I’m not limited to an assigned desk nor am I limited to only working next to my small but growing team.

I love coworking, but if I can continue to build my business and my team (knock on wood), we’ll likely need to move into a space of our own. Hopefully, when that time comes, we will be able to take a few of things we love about coworking and build those same elements into our own space, to build our own community.

Written by:

James Green is an entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in the online dating, pet, and real estate industries. In addition to being Founder and CEO of a transaction coordinator business and a startup helping home buyers and sellers find a real estate agent, he also has extensive experience in marketing and business management. Previously, James served on the Board of the Google Client Advisory Council while working as General Manager and Head of Marketing for Christian Mingle. He is a member of Toolbox LA  in Los Angeles.


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