Work vs. Body

Written by Raychel Espiritu 

Although workplaces are evolving, The Independent reminds us that we must continue to watch how our work environment can harm our body and physical health if we’re not careful. Behavioral futurist William Higham worked with a team of health experts to survey and collect data from over 3,000 officer workers across France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

This study showed that over 90% of workers’ poor health resulted from their current and past working conditions. The report concluded that unless we begin making radical changes to the way we work, such as moving around more, improving posture and reducing screen time, our health will ultimately pay the price.

The photo pictured above shows a model, named Emma, that was created as part of the study to illustrate "how a poorly set up work station could lead to office workers physically and visually changing to cope with the environment." Consistently sitting all day without getting up to move means hunched backs, protruding stomachs and even varicose veins.

That’s why, here at Toolbox LA we offer yoga twice a week in addition to mindful wellness classes to give your body a break from constant work. We value the importance of mental and physical health. The way we work can impact our overall health. That's why we also have ergonomic chairs for our members and a meditation lounge. We want our members not just performing their best, but also feeling good.

REMINDER TO: Take advantage of our weekly yoga and meditation classes; let your mind reset, and your body rest.


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